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Alex Lukas

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Alex Lukas was born in Boston, Massachusetts and raised in nearby Cambridge. With a wide range of artistic influences, Lukas creates both highly detailed drawings and intricate Xeroxed ‘zines, comics and booklets. Lukas’ imprint, Cantab Publishing, has released over 30 small books and ‘zines since it’s inception in 2001. In 2005, Lukas won Tokion Magazines “King of Zine” competition for his experimental ‘zine Smashy Smash. Lukas’ drawings have been exhibited in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Stockholm and Copenhagen as well as in the pages of Swindle Quarterly, Proximity Magazine, The Village Voice, The Drama, and The New York Times Book Review. He has contributed writings to Apenest, Juxtapoz, Providence’s The Agenda Newspaper and Swindle, and has lectured at the Philadelphia Print Center and the Megawords Storefront. He recently authored the booklet Underneath Providence, Findings Thus Far, a history of the East Side Railroad Tunnel in Providence, Rhode Island, co-published with Free News Projects. Lukas lives and tries not to work in Philadelphia, where he is a newer member of the artist collective Space 1026.

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