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Japanese trio, all ladies, trying to get open in a rock trio setup. It’d be easier to group Nissenenmondai with psychedelia than progressive rock; their brand of strict, rhythmic, long-form, jamming doesn’t budge too hard from its origins, stretching out a canvas for guitars to scrape and bass to rumble over. They’re really good about getting into that groove, which saves a lot of the looser suggestions across this set (in particular tracks like “Pop Group” or “This Heat” or “Sonic Youth,” which borrow sounds if not ideas from these outfits) and I’m sure they could work this to their advantage in the live setting. It’s good, it’s mind-expansive, it’s trancelike, and it’s also working off of those punch-in-the-stomach flecks of shrapnel that fall out of a band like Lightning Bolt, so it’s definitely not good for quiet time. It doesn’t have the sort of hustle that would suggest they would try to reinvent themselves, though.

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