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Jim Houser

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Plastic Little

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Plastic Little exists in a special place somewhere between Jay-Z and Star Wars, between drug filled after parties and Harry Potter, between drunken one night stands and Sunday calls to mama, between Southern bounce and East Coast rap aesthetic, and between debauchery and virtue… actually, scratch that virtue shit out and let’s just leave it at debauchery. Yeah, these Plastic Little kids sho’ is strange. However, this strangeness has lent itself greatly to their appeal, an appeal which crosses racial borders and begins to seep into other music scenes.

When one takes note of the crowd at any Plastic Little show, it can hardly be taken for just die-hard hip hop fans alone, not even close, homie. Plastic Little fans are a collection of people that range from rap nerds to indie rock kids, graffiti writers, punks, skaters, fashionistas, futurists, art school kids, cokeheads, average-Joe white guys in college, emo kids, ex-straight edge kids who now drink, and people‚Äôs parents really dig Plastic Little. Oh, and die-hard hip hop fans really dig them too. Plastic Little music is a party, son! Get your hand stamped and a red plastic Dixie cup, the keg is in the basement. Plastic Little is part satire, part social commentary, very poignant while simultaneously managing to be trite, and extremely ignorant and offensive. To quote the late Richard Pryor, “There’s a thin line between to laugh with and to laugh at.“ 88% of the time Plastic Little is laughing at. Word to God, son. “We just can’t help ourselves,“ states group member No Body’s Child.

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