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Home / News / Ben Chasny’s information addiction

Ben Chasny’s information addiction

Posted on Aug 17, 2009 - 07:23 PM
Ben Chasny’s information addiction

The psych guitarist and Six Organs of Admittance frontman Ben Chasny makes a lot of sense in a recent treatise about file sharing and information addiction. There’s nothing we don’t already know in his narrative about relentless bitstreams of accumulation, of folk who have hard drives full of music that means nothing to them beyond the fact that they got it for free and put it in their library, but to see Chasny’s point written out, and delivered with piercing clarity, is a sincere shock to the system. It’s easy to rib the romantics and pedants who think music has to be held in one’s hands, that it is manifest as a precious object, but it’s also worth remembering that if you don’t listen to it it doesn’t really exist.

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