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Jim Houser

Jim Houser

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Jim Houser vinyl release

Posted on Jul 15, 2010 - 01:37 PM
Jim Houser vinyl release

This summer Free News Projects will release a new untitled album of music written and performed by artist Jim Houser. The package consists of a six-track 10” vinyl record and a beautifully designed 16 page full-color booklet which features images and artwork also created by Mr. Houser.

RECORDS ARE NOW SHIPPING! Get your copy here

Some words from Jim about the record:

for the last 10 or so years, making music has always been the place that i turned when the paintbrush wasn’t working for me. i found that even when i was burned out from making art , the act of sitting and making music would allow me not to feel like a waste of time and space.

i came to realize that this was part of my whole process , so why not incorporate those sounds into the installations i do in a gallery.  from an art-show- type-view , it felt like , ok , so now this represents EVERYTHING i made during the last 6 months or so , not just the visual art. and i was very happy with how the sounds accompanied the sights . my music found a home in my artwork.

so this record represents the best bleeps and bloops and thuds and screeches and crashes from the past 2 years of art shows , condensed and recorded at home into 6 short songs . just like my paintings : heartfelt and repetitive.

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