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Welcome to the new Free News Projects website

Posted on Mar 02, 2009 - 03:27 PM
Welcome to the new Free News Projects website

Welcome to our new home on the web. As an independent publisher working in art and music this website is primarily a storefront showcasing our books, music and art. However, it’s also much much more. The website also serves as the first-stop resource for information about Free News associated artists and projects, an archive and exhibition space for our exclusive material, and a hub for kindred artistic endeavors and ideas.

Particularly exciting is the relaunch of the Free News Projects blog. Updated every weekday, it represents the Free News thought process in physical form, and seeks to separate itself from the myriad shoals of daily art blogs. The blog builds original ideas–step by step–through plainspoken discovery, superior-content links, a global and historical eye, proud originality, and a direct, jargon-free confrontation of the latest ideas sprouting in the minds of contemporary artists.

The new website also features an extensive atists section. Each page provides a glimpse into the life of a featured Free News Projects artist, detailing their current and past endeavours, sources of inspiration and biographical information. Pictures of the artist and their artwork and links to external resources create an intimacy and sense of depth between artists and readers. Once you’ve gone through all there is here, be sure to visit the media and press pages for video and audio samples and to see what others have been saying about us.

This spring, Free News will also be releasing two long-awaited projects: an illustrated Grey Gardens book and the Wolf Parade vinyl picture disc. More on those in the upcoming days. Meanwhile enjoy the new site, and let us know what you think. We’re excited to hear from you.

Best regards,
Free News Projects

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