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Wolf Parade press release

Free News Projects is proud to announce the release of At Mount Zoomer, the sophomore album by Montreal’s critically acclaimed Wolf Parade for the first time on vinyl as a Limited Edition Double Picture Disc featuring the collaborative work of visual artists Elizabeth Huey and Matt Moroz.

Recorded in part at Petite Église, the Montreal church converted into a recording studio by the Arcade Fire, and at Wolf Parade drummer Arlen Thompson’s studio, Mount Zoomer, for which the album is named, At Mount Zoomer is a covertly pop enquiry into the dilemmas that have, and probably always will plague us poor mortals who seem to be eternally forsaken by the gods of old and the gods of modernity. Dilemmas such as love, art, authenticity, stagnation, goddamn love again, the banal everyday, the sublime hidden within that banal, trust and vulnerability, language and true communication are probed by the lyrics of Wolf Parade songwriters Spencer Krug and Dan Boeckner.

The artwork that graces the two picture discs of At Mount Zoomer appropriately depicts an otherworldly battle between the respective characters of artists Elizabeth Huey and Matt Moroz. The artists have created a battle that is seemingly supernatural in scope yet baroque in execution, a battle in which civil-war era canons co-exist with Mephistopheles clutching imprisoned gnomes. This macabre collaboration between Huey and Moroz perfectly echo the numerous human conflicts navigated by the words of Krug and Boeckner. Matt Moroz is a long time friend of the band, and outside of providing the cover art for Wolf Parade’s previous album Apologies to the Queen Mary, he also directs and edits amazing music videos, such as “I’ll Believe in Anything” off of Wolf Parade’s Apologies to the Queen Mary. Elizabeth Huey, winner of the Smithsonian Institution Research Fellowship, is a creator of haunting paintings that explore the often conflicted identity of institutional therapy in the role it has played in countless lives throughout the world.

We at Free News Projects are truly honored to have Wolf Parade join the family of musicians that have collaborated with us in the past in producing albums that are more than just simple product, but rather projects that stand as emblems of the marriage between love and labor.

Limited Edition of 1500, 45RPM 2 x 12” picture discs with offset printed cover on heavyweight archival paper.

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