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Jim Houser

Jim Houser

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Free News Projects is an independent publisher working in art and music. Through intense and close collaboration with each of the artists we work with, we strive to build a new paradigm of creativity, freedom and originality in the publishing and music worlds. All of our projects are created with an eye for superb design and intriguing conceptual thought from start to finish. We then take these carefully crafted ideas and work with the best printers and technicians to insure that our standards of production are of the highest quality.

Free News Projects has collaborated with an eclectic selection of creative artists, musicians, illustrators, photographers and other creative people including Steve Powers, Dalek, Judith Schaechter, Vampire Weekend, Maysles FIlms, Jim Houser, Matt Leines, Plastic Little, Rebecca Suss, Space 1026, Jeremy Fish, and Man Man. We continue to press forward, facilitating the creation and distribution of exciting new work that we hope will ultimately inspire you as much as it does us.

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